Sunflower Diaries: Part 2

Tokenise everything!

While working on other dapps (decentralised apps), I began to explore mainstream blockchain services and how I could integrate with them. It deeply fascinated me that I could openly communicate with DEXs (decentralised exchanges) and other projects through a public interface. The current model I was accustomed to (Web2) was closed doors and pricing gates — essentially unless there was a monetary incentive, companies would not expose their data and APIs to build on top of.

Blockchain first game

By this time the space was filled with well known game designers and what was becoming the initial AAA crypto gaming corporations. With my limited success in launching games I knew that I wouldn’t produce a successful project through design alone. These companies had better artists, better programmers and better marketing. However, almost none of these companies were actually building a “Blockchain first” game. They were simply building a traditional Web2 game, piling on an NFT, a native token and calling themselves a “crypto game”.

Sunflower Farmers V2

I didn’t have a clear idea how this would work so I began tinkering and learning along the way. My focus at the time was around the protocol flexibility, rather than scalability or security. Over the course of a week I made some key updates to the smart contracts and was ready to deploy them.

Let’s show the world.

To increase interest in the project I decided to enter a range of hackathons and blockchain events. One of these events was a DoraHacks Polygon competition where you had a 20 minute pitch with a chance to win up to $20,000 in funding on the Polygon network. There were roughly 50 projects and I felt like we stood a good chance. I prepared a pitch deck, some gameplay and after waking up at 2am to present my slides and watch the other presentations I felt confident. In 3 weeks we would find out what the results were.

Off to Brazil!

The past 3 months had been exhausting. I was working full-time whilst maintaining 3 Blockchain projects in my spare time. Signs of burn-out were emerging and some rest and resetting was sorely needed.



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Adam Hannigan

Adam Hannigan

Creator of Sunflower Land. Come help us build the future of Web3 gaming!