Sunflower Diaries: Part 5

The odds against us

The 3 month deadline was on the table for a new game and the community was eagerly waiting for the launch. I had no job, no funding and was the only full-time engineer on the project. The worse part about all of it: I had no idea how to build a large scale blockchain game.

Game Plan

After one week of discussions and technical design, I began to develop a firm picture of what was needed for the game. However, it wasn’t just the technical side of things that needed significant work. The prototype Sunflower Farmers had lots of design flaws and the economy needed some balancing. I wasn’t just trying to relaunch the game with a better architecture — I wanted to create an entirely new and sustainable game.


I was up in the air about receiving funding for the project. I wanted to take an indie approach to building the game and did not want VC influence affecting the game. At the same time, I knew I couldn’t go on forever building the game by myself.


The more I investigated about building a scalable game, the more I realised what was involved. Here is a condensed list of some of the items that needed to be completed by April.

  1. Design a new game model
  2. Develop a brand new front-end game
  3. Design new art for the game
  4. Develop a game server
  5. Architect a scalable database, website hosting and infrastructure
  6. Design & implement an anti-botting solution
  7. Create a brand new session and custody architecture
  8. Implement blockchain synchronisation with game server
  9. Build API digital signing algorithms
  10. Deploy smart contracts — ERC721, ERC20, ERC1155 and game contracts
  11. Audit smart contracts
  12. Migrate all users from Sunflower Farmers
  13. Terms of Services, Privacy Policies, Trademarking, Company Registration..

Road to launch

I knew I wouldn’t be able to ship a blockbuster game within 3 months and to be honest I didn’t want to compete with the likes of large crypto corporations or AAA gaming studios to build the highest quality game. This would be a losing battle.



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Adam Hannigan

Adam Hannigan

Creator of Sunflower Land. Come help us build the future of Web3 gaming!