The Do’s and Don’ts of Testing Apollo in React

Unit testing versus Integration testing

Do not mock individual functions 🚫

Do mock at the service worker level ✅
  • We don’t have to mock any files, libraries or functions. i.e. More of our code gets tested!
  • We can test the Apollo configuration that could impact the output such as caching or type policies
  • Our tests are no longer coupled to Apollo — We could swap out our fetching library or use fetch() directly

Do not define another client for tests 🚫

Do not hard code your mocks 🚫

Do rely on the GraphQL type system ✅

Do Test Driven Development ✅





Tech Lead at Payble. Sydney, Australia. We’re hiring

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Adam Hannigan

Adam Hannigan

Tech Lead at Payble. Sydney, Australia. We’re hiring

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