Sunflower Diaries: Part 3

The Hackathon results are in

Whilst we had a small community, engagement was extremely high. During the Dora Hackathon we did a campaign on Discord to get everyone to vote and provide feedback on our entry. Compared to the other projects, we appeared as the only one with an actual community and app that had been launched.

The First NFT

At the time, majority of “crypto games” had NFTs that players had to purchase for exorbitant amounts, usually in pre-sales or pressure driven “drops”. Projects were selling Pokemon like characters for $600 USD and pieces of MetaVerse land for $2000 USD a pop. Was this gaming or speculation?

Here come the players

We had roughly 600 players in our Discord and whenever a new person joined they received a personal welcome message and an army of players that would assist them getting setup, farming and grinding towards their first NFT.

Sunflower Farmers Token

Some of the more DeFi knowledgeable players decided to set up a liquidity pool for the token so players could begin trading amongst themselves. Essentially this meant you could swap MATIC (Polygon’s native token) for Sunflower Farmer Tokens. For newcomers, this was an exciting way to catch up to the players that had already been playing for a couple of months.

Prepare for takeoff

All software engineers and entrepreneurs dream of building something that goes viral. This was my dream but I never imagined what this would truly entail.

“Have you guys seen what is happening in Discord?!?”

I awoke from a group message from Romy and Spencer. My heart dropped, I thought the Discord had been hacked or even worse, the game had been exploited.

Build and ship fast

With the huge influx of players we needed to build content quickly to keep everyone engaged. It felt like a miracle we had gained so much traction and I wasn’t willing to lose it.

The dark side of crypto

Now at this point it is important to remember that what had been built was a side-project/prototype. I never could have believed that this game would have surpassed 1000 players, crushing the records of all of my previous games.



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Adam Hannigan

Adam Hannigan

Creator of Sunflower Land. Come help us build the future of Web3 gaming!